About Comparizone

Our mission is to provide a satisfying online shopping experience and to bring you all the possible options for shopping whatever you desire.
You will just need to pick what suits best for you.

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Why Comparizone?

Online shopping became a daily activity for most of us and with the fast growing market, we are most likely to stay in our comfort zone and go back to the stores we already know and trust.
We all want to get the best prices and this require some "work" and time to ensure we did a good research.
Comparizone can open your mind to thousands of new stores and to do the comparison for you - time is money? we will save you both!

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Our Vision

Comparizone aims to provide a single platform for your online shopping and to save you the most precious thing - time.
You will tell us what you want to buy and we will do the comparison for you!.

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Cooperate with Us!

You can be part of our success story:
• As a seller, you can use our Merchant API to upload your products to Comparizone, free of charge, and expose your goods to bigger audience - Coming soon!
• As affiliate member, you have a great opportunity to earn money - Coming soon!
• As a customer, you can easily compare prices and get great deals all in one place.

Full Disclosure

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