About Comparizone

We love recommendations!
Comparizone was founded on the principles of the "Wisdom Of The Crowd" with a basic understanding that a single recommendation, is simply not enough.
We developed a top notch Machine Learning Eco-system that is capable of understanding customer reviews and opinions and based on that, you can see what other customers think and their level of satisfaction from millions of products.
Wisdom of crowds is the idea that large group of people are collectively smarter than individual experts

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Why Comparizone?

We believe that the research for the right product should be easier as this is the most time consuming step before you purchase.
We are collecting data, analyzing it, aggregating and show it to you. That's what we do!
Comparizone is an unbiased review service that does not involve human interaction and provide a clear information about millions of product based on customer opinions and reviews as they see it.

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Our Vision

Revolutionize the product research effort and make it surprisingly easy with 100% confident before your purchase.
Comparizone is a service that was developed with love and is free to use and will always be - your trust is our gain.

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Cooperate With Us!

We want to improve the service we provide and your feedback is important for our success as a community to buy smarter, easier and faster.
Every feedback is welcomed and our team will be happy change, fix and add anything that will help you make a smarter decision.
We are here for you!