Fujifilm X-T200

"The Fujifilm X-t200 is a small entry level mirrorless camera suitable for casual photographers."
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  • Compact build
  • Speedy autofocus
  • Good 4K video features
  • 3.5 inch vari angle touch screen
  • Mic and headphone inputs
  • Good image quality
  • Excellent color and dynamic range
  • Reliable autofocus performance
  • Perfect for vlogging


  • Disappointing battery life
  • Undersized control dials
  • Video tracking unreliable
  • Very low buffer depth
  • Joystick is poorly positioned and fiddly to use
  • Disappointing build quality

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Date First Available:
January 23, 2020

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  • FUJIFILM X Series X-T200 Mirrorless Camera Body with 15-45 mm Lens (Black, Grey)

    70 reviews
  • Fujifilm X-T200

    1,615 reviews
  • Fujifilm - X Series X-T200 Mirrorless Camera with 15-45mm Lens - Silver

    815 reviews
  • X-T200 Mirrorless Camera with FUJINON XC 15-45 mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ Lens - Black

    336,161 reviews
  • Fujifilm X-T200 Mirrorless Camera with 15-45mm Lens

    55 reviews
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Expert Reviews

The Fujifilm X-T200 offers ease of use for beginners, along with enough speed and manual control to keep mirrorless camera enthusiasts happy.

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  • Compact build
  • Stylish looks
  • Built-in EVF
  • Swing-out touch screen
  • Speedy autofocus
  • USB webcam support
  • 4K video


  • Disappointing battery life
  • Sensor isn't stabilized
  • Undersized control dials

We liked the original X-T100 for its clean lines, low cost and user-friendly features, but the X-T200 ups the stakes with a big, vari-angle touchscreen, vastly better 4K video features and improved autofocus. It's also more expensive, so it's no longer the cheap and simple SLR style mirrorless camera the X-T100 was. The screen is great and the image quality is everything we expect from Fujifilm now, but don't think of this as a cheap X-T30, think of it as a supercharged X-A7.

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  • Good 4K video features
  • Big 3 5 inch vari angle touchscreen
  • Neat design, and now even lighter


  • Simplified external controls
  • Quite expensive so far
  • Regular CMOS not X Trans sensor

The Fujifilm X-T200 is Fujifilm's entry-level mirrorless camera with built-in EVF, but it doesn't scrimp on features, with a 24mp sensor, 4K video and large vari-angle screen.

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While the Fujifilm X-T30 is aimed at budget-conscious enthusiasts, the Fujifilm X-T200 is for novices looking for something more than Fuji X-A7. The main difference is the viewfinder, which is an excellent addition. This is paired with a large vari-angle screen and for the most part intuitive controls – those top-plate buttons (especially the video button) are infuriating though. As the X-T200 has the same sensor as the X-A7, it’s no surprise to find that it produces very similar quality images, but that’s no bad thing as it’s a very capable camera. In summary, the Fujifilm X-T200 is a great first ‘proper’ camera and a good choice for new vloggers.

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  • 3 5 inch vari angle touch screen
  • The viewfinder is worth the extra money over the Fujifilm X A7
  • Light and compact


  • Fiddly power and video record buttons
  • Has a regular CMOS sensor rather than Fujifilm's X Trans CMOS chip

The new Fujifilm X-T200 improves further on the blueprint of the previous X-T100 model, occupying the middle ground between the entry-level, beginner X-A7 and the higher-end, more enthusiast-focused X-T30. It successfully combines the largely touchscreen driven, beginner-friendly controls of the X-A7 with the electronic viewfinder and mini-DSLR styling of the X-T30.

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The Fujifilm X-t200 is a small entry level mirrorless camera suitable for casual photographers.

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  • Good quality photos
  • Good video for family, vlogging and webcam
  • Easy to use icon-based touchscreen
  • Responsive


  • Confusing array of screens, menus, dials and buttons
  • Video tracking unreliable

The travel-ready, compact mirrorless camera was recently updated to include USB webcam functionality, making it as capable at home as it is on the road.

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XT-200 review with sample images: Fujifilm hopes that the X-T200 appeals to people looking to upgrade from a pocket camera or smartphone.

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  • Large 3.5-inch articulated touchscreen
  • Mic and headphone inputs
  • Perfect for vlogging


  • Control layout compromised for large screen
  • Battery life could be better
  • No IBIS

A vast improvement over its predecessor, the X-T200 makes for a solid entry-level interchangeable lens camera thanks to improved autofocus and its big vari-angle touchscreen.Read full verdict

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  • Good image quality
  • Selection of XF lenses further opens the door to quality
  • Improved autofocus over predecessor - includes Face/Eye detection
  • Big vari-angle touchscreen


  • Still some autofocus foibles
  • Feels like the X-series outlier - lack of distinctive controls and X-Trans CMOS sensor
  • Power-zoom included in kit lens box has aperture limitations

A capable entry-level camera with a viewfinder

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  • Excellent color and dynamic range
  • Sharp 3.5-inch rear touchscreen
  • Reliable autofocus performance
  • Sleek retro design that’s lightweight


  • Very low buffer depth
  • Lacks subject tracking in video
  • Unreliable eye sensor
  • Joystick not well placed when using viewfinder

Fujifilm X-T200 at a glance: £749 with XC 15-45mm lens £799 vlogger kit including tripod and microphone 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor ISO 100-51,200 2.36m-dot electronic viewfinder 3.5in, 16:9 articulated touchscreen 4K video recording at 30fps Ever since Fujifilm launched the X-T1 back in 2014, SLR-shaped models have formed the backbone of its mirrorless range. It’s […]

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  • Excellent image quality, with lovely JPEG colours
  • Good range of external controls, surpassing other entry level models
  • Fully articulated screen is great for shooting at creative angles
  • Small size, light weight and attractive retro design


  • Sub par autofocus performance
  • Touch Menu design is inconsistent and unintuitive
  • Unrefined and occasionally buggy operation
  • Joystick is poorly positioned and fiddly to use

The Fujifilm X-T200 is satisfactory for travel photography. It has excellent image quality, so your photos are clear and detailed. It's also lightweight and easy to bring with you on-the-go. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the most premium build, and its small body can be uncomfortable for people with larger hands. Also, its sub-par autofocus feature can struggle to track moving subjects and keep them in focus.

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  • Excellent image quality.
  • Portable design.


  • Disappointing build quality.
  • Sub-par photo autofocus performance.

Is the Fujifilm X-T200 the best entry-level mirrorless camera on the market? Read our review of this powerful yet affordable camera!

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  • Perfect for vlogging
  • Fantastic image quality even in low light
  • Excellent entry level mirrorless cameras
  • Great Fujifilm design and build quality
  • Compact Fujifilm camera
  • Gorgeous retro aesthetic


  • THAT kit lens issue
  • Off centre screw mount

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